Rope Bite South Bend: Meeting, May 10th

SOUTH BEND – Rope Bite South Bend is dedicated to sharing and spreading knowledge about safe, fun rope technique and providing a safe environment to practice and improve your skills. This is an educational environment for those who are curious about starting their journey in rope bondage, or want to advance their rope skills to the next level. We are based in the greater South Bend area and are here to serve the Michiana commUNITY.

The agenda for this gathering is as follows:

2:30 Doors to the venue open. Please do not arrive earlier than this time.

2:45 Demo begins. This months meeting will focus on the following topics:

Locking Larks head knot

Hog tie that includes a crotch rope

3:30 (approx.) Space will be open for practice and one on one instruction. The focus of this time should be improving existing or trying new skills as well as asking questions. It should not be on strictly play.


There will be a vetting process in order to attend a Rope Bite South Bend meeting. Our goal to provide a safe and comfortable environment for all events. The vetting program is the solution we have found to ensure that.

In order to be vetted to attend this event, a member must have done ONE of the following:

1. If you attended an SBK or Kalamazoo play party or a previous Rope Bite South Bend meeting, you are already vetted.

2. Attended at least 2 Kalamazoo or SBK events in the past. This includes munches, ladies night out, class and demo events, and discussion groups.

3. Provide 2 references from members in the Northern Indiana/Michigan community that we feel are reliable references. We would prefer that these references have attended our events as well. Please contact Hellbound, Stellar_Stella or Char13 for any questions regarding this process.

This is a PRIVATE event, so discretion lies with the Rope Bite South Bend Leaders of who will, and will not, be vetted to attend.

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