Rope Bite Grand Rapids, Sept 9th

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – The nerve of it all.

Part of this class is for the top and part of it is for the bottom. This will go over tying, safety information and pressure points. This class covers important nerve info regarding ties and placement of rope for tops. It also covers info that bottoms should know both starting out and as they explore rope for wrap placement, loss of feeling and nerve damage checks. The final part of the class will emphasize placement and nerve points that are horrible for rope placement but great for pressure points.

This event will be more vetted. Those of you that didn’t come to the first event. Feel free to come up and say hi at the next munch or send me a message. Generally people that have attended munches, a Sanctuary event or a Rope Bite Kalamazoo will be allowed with little reservation.

Date & Time: Wednesday, September 09, 2015 · 7:00 PM –10:00 PM  
Private venue, RSVP Going for details.

Eastown Grand Rapids 

Cost: 5$
Dress code: Vanilla outside, anything inside.

Contact Dorian for directions.

You NEED to RVSP for a head count.
We work with 5mm or 6mm diameter rope (1/4″) cut to 12ft to 15ft and 26ft to 30ft. The rope types are polyester, MFP, hemp or jute.
You don’t always need a partner. We try to partner up for those who don’t have someone to work with.
Everyone has the right NOT to participate.
You are welcome to watch and learn.
Water will be provided for 1$ or you can bring your own.