ROAD TRIP 2014 with MAUL – Manage-a-Trois?

MILWAUKEE – Get your head out of the gutter cuz we’re talking Third Time is a charm for our annual MAUL Chicago Road Trip!The cost for the 2014 trek will stay at $25/person but we’ve pushed our trek from April to May to allow for warmer weather to hopefully arrive.

The trip itinerary is as follows:
5:00 PM: Depart Milwaukee County Park and Ride lot 40-40 on Loomis Road for Chicago

7:00 PM: Arrive Chicago for drop off at Sidetrack/Boystown Area for dinner, shopping, drinks, etc.

Midnight: Depart Sidetrack for North End where Great Lakes Bears will be hosting their monthly Bear Night at Touche. Also, feel free to drop by Parlour on Clark!

3AM: Depart Chicago for return to Milwaukee County Park and Ride lot 40-40 on Loomis Road

As always, we will be making pit stops at the Lake Forest Oasis on the way down and back!

ID Tags will be given to all participants with trip schedule info on back. This is your pass to get on the bus and will be handed out when you load the bus. KEEP THESE ON YOU AT ALL TIMES AND DO NOT LOSE THEM!

The reservation for the bus needs to be paid in full 10 days prior to the trip! If you are going, please sign-up and get Mark or I your $25 ASAP. Contact Mark or I if you cannot pay prior to that deadline and we will make arrangements with you accordingly.

As this trip has become popular, we need to limit sign-up to the first 45 people. Mark & I will be watching the event page to countdown the seats and will cutoff loading as soon as we hit the max.

Also, beverages (including alcohol) and snacks are allowed on the bus; HOWEVER, no glass containers.

If you have any further questions, please contact Mark or myself ASAP. Thanks and see you on the road!