River’s Ramblings: Little’s Space

I decided to write about something that has been really helpful and delightful for me. I think there are times when people in the Leather community can take themselves too seriously. All hail “Ye Olde Guarde”.  Little’s space and age play can be wonderful forms of play, and I find that many in the Leather and LGBT communities have a tendency to dismiss it. Little’s space isn’t about not being accountable for one’s actions; I don’t think any form of kink should be. Many people say they don’t want “brats” and I think that’s a common misconception about age players that exists. I understand that age role play can come uncomfortably close to incest fantasy, which not everyone enjoys.


River's RamblingsHowever, Little’s play ranges from light hearted head space to erotic for some.

For myself, age play has been extremely helpful for being able to have a boyhood that I never had as a trans man. I get to wear a pull up, play with stuffed animals, draw in coloring books, play on a playground, and delight in things I never got to do as a little boy. I think we can, as adults, lose our sense of joy and wonder. Who wouldn’t want to wake up on a Saturday morning, eat a bowl of cereal, and watch cartoons for an hour? Age play does turn erotic for me at times however. I find a Daddy/boy incest fantasy does turn me on.

It took me some time to come to grips with this particular kink, because it’s a very vulnerable space. It’s an emotional thing, to allow someone to take care of you and nurture you. I have to say, that my hook suspension was easier than allowing myself to slip into the little mindset that I think is in all of us. I enjoy this space because it’s a sense of personal freedom and it’s fun. I enjoy being able to play with others and simply stop being in control of so much for a moment, similar to other types of play we do, it’s cathartic.

I am grateful Little’s play is in my life, and I recommend it to anyone who feels a need for intimacy.

Boy River was SouthEast LeatherFest boy 2013. He has been nominated for Pantheon of Leather South East Regional Award. He has taught over 20 classes related to BDSM, mental health, fitness, boot blacking, sexuality and gender. His home dungeon is the Mark by CPI in Nashville, Tennessee. He is an associate member of the Panther Leather/Levi club and the Conductors Leather/Levi club. He is a member of the Boot Black Brigade. He is a sadomasochist, bootblack, gay man and graduate student, and a HUGE My Little Pony fan.