Riverbound’s September Party and Demo

QUAD CITIES – Riverbound’s September Play party presents : Tyrus , on how to read your partner.

– Reading your partner: Ok, you’ve done your negotiations, you know your partner, and you start playing. Now what? Learn what there body is telling you about what you are doing or not doing. Things as simple as the eyes, breath, muscle actions, and other signs the body gives off.

Tyrus is a Kink Aware Professional…and has a very good understanding of the human body, anatomy, limits, reactions, etc. he has a great love for rope and He is a NOBLE Board alumni (New Orleans Bondage And Leather). He is also NOW A KINK Professional — in the medical field. Plus, in addition to offering his abilities at events, workshops, and to the community as a whole, He is a paid movie industry expert… And He has done an interview with Graydancer on one of his ropecast’s [http://www.ropecast.net/]

He has several other classes he offers and Riverbound is super excited about the demo he is presenting. Learning your partner is extremely important in every scene… new or old to the scene, it’s always good to revisit this subject.

Come and join us!

Here is the event Link : https://fetlife.com/events/366459

Learn all the needed info there … Hope you can make it 🙂