Riverbound’s July play party – presenter KinkMedic

DAVENPORT, Iowa – KinkMedic ‘s years of experience in the military and law enforcement have given him the tools to take play to a much more physical extreme. Anyone can cause someone pain by injuring them, it’s a finer art to hurt someone without actually harming them. He has countless hours of combat control tactics and martial arts training in his tool box, as well as significant amount of training in human anatomy. All these things combine to make for a very daunting scene. He has enjoyed every opportunity he has been given to share these skills with others in the community, because, “The more we know, the safer we can play!” He has presented at Madtownkinkfest , in Madison, WI., Kinky Kollege in Chicago, IL. He also makes toys to vend at kink events throughout the Midwest. You can check out those toys at http://www.1211kink.com. The demo he will be presenting this month for Riverbound is:

“Pressure Points – An Owners Manual”
This class which focus heavily on pressure points and how to utilize them to make the most of your scene. There is a significant amount of time spent covering the anatomy & physiology of pressure points, to prevent injury that may result from poor execution. Throughout the class, there is open discussion on how to best apply each pressure point to a scene.
Teaching Elements;
• Safety considerations and injury prevention
• Hands vs. Tools
• Head-to-toe mapping of pressure points
• Applying pressure points to a scene

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Date & Time: Saturday, July 25, 2015 · 6:00 PM – 1:00 AM  
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Dress code: Vanilla outside … Kink inside