Riverbound’s February play party- An Introduction to Emotional Play

RiverboundDAVENPORT, Iowa – Riverbound would like to announce this Month’s Presenter is RuleOfThree.

General Bio
Paul Rulof (aka RuleOfThree) is a sick, twisted pervert who loves to help other people explore their fantasies while sharing his own. His goal is to have a positive impact on people, which may or may not mean beating them until they like it. He also loves reflecting light in the dark corners of the things that make us human.

He is an educator and the author of “Ageplay: From Diapers to Diplomas,” “Power Over Pleasure,” as well as a forthcoming book about Emotional Play. He has degrees in psychology and sociology that he perverts for use in the alternative sexuality community.

He identifies as dominant, an emotional sadist, as well as a Daddy. His presentations mainly focus on different aspects of mental and emotional play. RuleOfThree’s workshops always are interactive, participatory, fact-based, and explore the topic from different viewpoints.

Paul has presented at many venues throughout the U.S. and Canada, including national, regional, and local conventions, weekend and club events. He is also filmed presentations for KinkAcademy.com, which allows him to share his passions with a larger audience. You can find him at Paulrulof.com, on Fetlife as RuleOfThree, and as @PaulRulof on Twitter.

RuleOfThree will be presenting his class :
Tears, Fears, and Jeers: An Introduction to Emotional Play
Many scenes evoke effects on the head or heart in addition to physical responses. Emotional, mental, and psychological play can be the foundation for many scenes. Mastering these elements will allow you to explore and create hot, edgy and intense scenes. This presentation will cover the basics of how to incorporate these elements in your scenes. It will also examine how they differ from and are similar to “typical” scenes. This includes discussion on: choosing the right partner, elements of negotiation, responses to common problems, and aftercare.

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