Riverbound’s February Play Party – Pony Play, Feb. 28

CEDAR RAPIDS – Riverbound is excited to have Garrison_pony https://fetlife.com/users/3311115 and his owner MsRobin https://fetlife.com/users/6774 presenting for our February demo. Garrison is from the Ankney area and MsRobin is from DesMoines.

Garrison_pony is a human pony, and a male stallion Clydesdale.
His Coloring : Dark Bay Black tail and mane, white stockings, and white facial blaze.
Garrison started out as many have with a curiosity, which soon lead to a love and passion for learning all he can about being the horse he kept pent up inside. He has a group on fetlife he leads Iowa Pony Play https://fetlife.com/groups/96023
Where he and his members have provided a lot of great information.
Garrison is very excited to be able to present on this topic that is so very dear to him. Even more so he is happy that his Owner MsRobin will also be able to come and assist in this learning endeavor. Garrison will speak on some of the basics in being a pony and also show some of his lovely gear off.

We hope you too will come and enjoy and evening with us all!

Please read below for the disclaimer info:

please remember to attend you have to already attended a munch/subforum before the party, or if your 70 miles from davenport please contact the board for more info on how to attend —–>HERE<——-

Please remember all fees trial or otherwise have to be paid BEFORE the event

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The tickets for trial membership are $15.00 And we do ask for the membership WAIVER http://www.riverbound.net/PDFgallery_members.htm filled out also and brought with you along with a valid ID… Please note if you filled out one this year already (year started. July 1st) you won’t need to fill one out this month.

If you would like to purchase other membership options you can do a rest of the year (Jan-Jun) at $35 or a supporting member at $25 which purchases you one play party and the option to vote during elections. You can do this HERE https://rbmembershipdues.eventbrite.com

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