Riverbound’s 15th Anniversary in the Quad Cities

DAVENPORT, Iowa – On October 11, 2014 Riverbound will be celebrating its 15th anniversary.

We are excited to not only celebrate 15 years of educating and being part of the BDSM community, but to also announce this year we will have Robert Dante https://fetlife.com/users/49474

Robert Dante is a bull whip expert. He has been featured on such programs as HBO’s Real Sex, Playboy’s Night Calls, among others, and has been a 4-time Guinness World Record holder.

He will be presenting a 3 hr presentation/ workshop.

In addition to Robert Dante we are planning to have a

  • -silent auction, that we have been collecting some really great items for from many different vendors across the U.S. *silent auction proceeds will be split 50/50… half will go to our local GLBT group who help teenagers adjust with life challenges and the other half will be halved again going back into riverbound.this will help provide monies for future play parties and presenters and the other half will go towards new dungeon furniture/ or any repairs to existing dungeon furniture.
  • -Dinner
  • -A large well equipped Dungeon
  • -costume contest …and much more!!

We hope you will come and celebrate 15 awesome years with us!

Please note the following Information about tickets!

  • Early bird price $30 which will end August 15th
  • They will be raised to $35 through Sept 15th
  • And final price will be $40 through October 3rd.

So where can you purchase tickets? Please proceed to the following link : https://riverbounds15th.eventbrite.com

All the rest of the information will be provided after you purchase….

Look forward to seeing you there!

If you have any questions please feel free to message me and ask 🙂