Riverbound August play party- Shahjahani presents urethral insertions

RiverboundDAVENPORT — Shahjahani’s kink resume and kinky loves: I am a teacher and nurse educator by trade and teaching is a passion of mine, with 14 years of experience. I have worked in a wide variety of fields, including intensive care and emergency department nursing. I have a broad range of knowledge and experiences. My kinks include all things medical, from showing a needle virgin that sharp things can be beautiful and not at all scary, to turning a willing victim into an intensive care patient, controlling all of their fluids and processes. I enjoy roleplay and creating scenes with costumes, music and I do tend to have a flair for the dramatic. I will admit I do enjoy being a bit of a show pony, whether in public or in private. The scenes I craft are likened to a scene in a movie. There is a story before the scene and after. What connects us together is the snapshot in the middle. I try my best to create a mood adapted to each individual play partner.

Class presenting for us:
: This class discusses all things related to placing objects in the urethra, including sounds, tubes, catheters, and the kinky, sexy things we can do.

This class will include:
• Safety and infection prevention
• Obtaining a pertinent medical history
• Risk awareness (RACK)
• Sounding for sensation, including pain (pain’s a sensation, right?)
• Urinary catheters and watersports play (urine), including safe placement
• What to do with the urine once its collected
(And because I’m a sadist):
• Sounding/Catheter play, and how to make your inner sadist happy

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