Riverbound August play party – Hypnomaestro- hypnosis

DAVENPORT – Riverbound’s August Play party presents: Hypnomaestro
In real life Hypnomaestro Is a professional Certified Hypnotherapist and stage hypnotist. He has been practicing professionally for over 30 years. He has also been a professional instructor of hypnosis and hypnotherapy and been a guest speaker at schools, universities and various organizations. Recreational hypnosis has been his hobby since before He was a professional. He has only been formally involved in the fetish community for a few years, but has been doing hypnofetish activities since before the term was invented.
Hypnomaestro has a strong passion for teaching and educating about hypnosis and loves giving as much info out to help others as possible.
He will be presenting an introduction to hypnosis and how it can be used within a scene. He will discuss risks as well as ethics of such uses in a scene.

Come check him out!! This is going to be a lot of fun!

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