Riot Sir – Fifty Shades of Abuse

“Fifty Shades Darker” is out in theaters and it is rant time and a not so secret confession. I hate the “Fifty Shades of Grey” series.

Why? Because it is abusive and bad for the kink community and people in general.

Wait. Wait. Hold on. Yes, but sort of no.

Kink erotica and art is more about inspiration than reenactment. The Leatherman’s guide book second edition describes an impossible scene about removing testicles and somehow. Reattaching them in a dirty basement in San Francisco circa 1970s. So, we cannot for a second think the content is the issue or that “abuse” is why so many kinksters hate the series.

I hate the series because it is selling a harmful fantasy letting a sneaky manipulative abuser get off scot free.

That abuser is Anathesa Steele. Not Christian Grey.

I can already hear it now. “What? Wait? But Loki what do you mean?! Grey is the Dom!? He did xyz.”

So? For those not paying attention. In the first book. Christian Grey negotiated. He brought a contact and spelled out exactly what he wanted in his BDSM relationship. Steele throughout the series crosses his boundaries, guilting him to change for her. The “Fifty Shades” series is a fantasy of taking the kinky person and slowly making them vanilla.

By book three, she gets her way.

That is why I will not be wasting my money of this anti-Kink garbage.

If you want to see a kinky love movie may I suggest getting “The Secretary” on Netflix.

Not only are both characters consenting adults but I find it interesting that when James Spader’s Mr. Grey is having guilt issues due to his desires, Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character Lee Holloway, is supportive of her Dominant. Both are into each other and accepting of the other.

That is what I call a love story.

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