Rigger Mortis to present Rope class at WhipNik

Michiana KinkstersSOUTH BEND – There will be a change in presenters for the 201 Rope class at the Whipnik. Rope Raiden is unable to attend the event.

We are so excited to announce that Rigger Mortis has graciously agreed to teach a 201 Rope Class at our event!

Rigger Mortis is best known as the founder of Shibaricon.

He has taught Shibari and mummification 101 bondage classes at over 200 events and groups such as ShibariCon , Black Rose ’03-’05, Leather Rose, Cell Block, Hell Fire Chicago, Windy City Bondage, OLF ’03-’05), Snowbound, Whipstock, ARS1, TNG2 & TNG3 and many others. And His Shibari Daigaku 2 day intensive weekends several times. And have had over a 680,000 individual hits on His CRAM Shibari educational site.