Reminder: Attire and Conduct at LRA

CHICAGO – Summer is here and it’s a hot one!  We know this!  And sometimes (*snicker*), the club gets hot.  With the heat in mind, we want to remind all members and visitors of LRA a couple of things.

First, please remember, at all times outside of the club (parking lot an smoking area), you are to be “street legal.”  Meaning, that for men, your genitals should be completely covered, with fabric at least a couple of inches wide covering the separation of the ass cheeks.

For women, nipples and genitals should be completely covered, along with the same fabric restrictions.

In other words, nudity outside of the club (this includes the vestibule) is not allowed.

This is not only against the laws of the City of Chicago, but it potentially puts LRA at risk.  Additionally, our neighbors are able to view the goings and comings of people of the club, and they have children, of whom we should be considerate. It is important that we respect our neighbors in matters like these.

We understand the heat can be an issue and the desire to want to cool off outside, but any nudity outside of LRA puts the club and its members and visitors at risk.

Additionally, scenes involving any significant amount of impact is not allowed outside of the club, even in the smoking area.  While playful slaps/spanks are fine, engaging in anything that resembles a scene or of a sexual nature are forbidden.

In order for LRA to continue to provide a safe place for people to come and play and explore their sexuality, all who attend, whether it be for an LRA sponsored event, private event or private rental, must be respectful of these rules.

Individuals found in violation of the above may be subject to having their membership suspended/revoked or their visiting privileges removed. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.