Regional Reaction to ILSb Decision

Historic-ILSb-Medal1CHICAGO – Organizational response to the decision by the board of International LeatherSir/Leatherboy has been mixed. Leatherati has reported that the Northwest Region, MidAtlantic, Florida and Northern California regions have all cancelled contests in response to the ILSb’s changes.

In the Midwest, reaction has been more restrained. When contacted for a reaction on the new policies of ILSb, Great Lakes producer Ms. Kendra responded, “This decision affects everyone. I am hoping this decision will be retracted.”

Sir Mark Eddy, the current Great Lakes LeatherSir, said, “I do not directly agree with this decision and can not fully appreciate why this decision was made. This does not change my support of my Title or the path that I have given the honor to represent.  I will support inclusion of ALL our community Brothers and Sisters.”

Bill B., producer of Central Plains which includes Missouri and Iowa, said his region saw “nothing but positives” in the new policies of ILSb.

“Central Plains follows no one’s lead,” he said in response to an email from Great Lakes Den that asked if the region would do as others have. “We have an established infrastructure of Leather Awareness Events as well as feeder contests. We will continue to run Kansas City LeatherSIR & boy as well as our Central Plains Regional title – all the better to recruit and groom high quality candidates, such as our boy who
won this year’s International title.”

ILSb is holding an emergency board meeting on Thursday, Sept. 26. We will follow up as updates become available.

Correction: Iowa is in the Midwest Region, according to the ILSb/ICBB website.