Ready for the 2015 IMsL, IMsBB Judges?

New IMsL LogoSAN JOSE – Registration for the 2015 IMsL Weekend will be starting in the next two weeks.  When it opens, you will only hear about the first 50 registration deal through this newsletter.  Be sure to let everyone know to sign up right away and watch your mail to know when to save!  Forward this link so they can sign up too!
2015 IMsL/IMsBB Judges Announced

We will have pictures and bios up on the web shortly but here are your 2015 judges!
IMsL Judges:
  • From Alaska and our Head Judge, IMsL 2013, Sarha
  • Our current IML 2014, Ramien Pierre from Washington, DC
  • Returning from last year as a contestant to our international judge this year, Lydia Joie Divine from Sydney AU
  • From the Bay area, our own Midori
  • Stepping off of her staff position this year, Delaenya from Phoenix, AZ
  • Writer and podcaster from the bay area, Suzie Q
  • From San Francisco, our own little p, Patrick Mulcahy, in service to big P

IMsBB Judges:

  • From Kentucky and our head judge, IMsBB 2013, Bella
  • Bella’s bootblack title partner for 2013, from Portland, Oregon, IMrBB 2013, Oil Tan Sam
  • Our celebrity judge, from New York, Lolita Wolf

Financial Update:
We just got the news!  After paying off the bills, getting over $8000 in travel funds to the titleholders and covering taxes, the first year of Gen 4 made a small profit!  We learned a lot and are making changes that will grow that amount next year but we are pleased to report we are “in the black”!

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