Rangers Annual Dawg Days at Freedom Valley

CLEVELAND — Join the Rangers at Freedom Valley for their Annual Dawg Daze!

Friday night – Meet and Greet, Puppy Shots for $1, and purchase your Dog License for $10 to prevent being sent to the “POUND” Saturday night.

Saturday Afternoon – FREE POOL PUNCH !

Saturday Evening – 9PM – DAWG POUND (at the dance hall)

–Get a dog license so you can’t be put in the pound for $10

–You may have any person (that does not have a DOG LICENSE) captured by our dawg catchers for a $2 donation.

–The captured mut will be put in the dog pound for 15 minutes. The captured person can be released early for a $3 donation.

–People may also adopt a STRAY from the pound for a $5 donation- the adopted pup/person is then beholden to his new owner for 15 minutes.

Benefiting Pawsability.

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/396090434119425/