Raffle for Eric and Amber at Deviations Thanksgiving Social

DETROIT – Eric and Amber joined Detroit’s BDSM community in 2005. At first they began attending the parties as guests, but this changed fairly quickly. Eric and Amber became inspired by the people they met and the scenes that they watched. They got creative and began building their own dungeon equipment.

After creating their first cross, they brought it to a Wicked party to share with the community. The cross quickly became a favorite for many sadists and masochists. Over the years Eric and Amber have been kind enough to share their cross (and other various pieces of equipment) with Detroit parties and kinksters. They have consistently traveled each month from Peck, MI (a 2 1/2 hour drive) to bring their equipment to the parties.

Equipment is not the only contribution Eric and Amber have made to the community. They have spent numerous hours before and after parties helping set up and tear down equipment. They have also donated time, money, and even equipment to raffle off for others during times of need.

Last year Amber was diagnosed with cancer and has been battling the disease ever since. Getting sick caused her to lose her job, leaving Eric as their household provider. Being Amber’s caregiver has cut down drastically on the amount of time that Eric has been working, leaving them struggling not only with this terrible disease, but also struggling financially.

After speaking with Eric and Amber last week I really felt the weight of their struggle. I then began thinking about all of the wonderful ways that Eric and Amber have contributed to Detroit’s BDSM community over the years. It was then that I realized that now is their time. Now they are in need of some help and support. I spoke with Tim, Lee and JuneBug (the owners of Deviations) and they are supportive in helping Eric and Amber as well.

At the Deviations Thanksgiving Social party on 11/17/12 (this Saturday) we will be working to raise funds to help offset expenses associated with Amber’s illness. We will be raffling off leather goods from Rapture, a bdsm scarf, a rope scene with I-Love-ropebondage, a gift card from Brazenly Beautiful and other items from Diashto, Sir Gary of Asha and the Deviations staff. Monetary donations and other items for the raffle will also be graciously accepted. All donations will go directly to Eric and Amber.

I write this knowing and understanding that the economy is not up to par and times are tough for a lot of people. But then I think of Eric and Amber and all that they have done for the community. It’s only fair that we give back to them.

Please come out on Saturday, November 17th and support Deviations, Detroit’s BDSM community and Eric and Amber. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Let’s start this holiday season off on the right foot!

Reprinted with permission