Question on Starting DM Training in Indiana

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I am trying to find out if there is an interest in learning what is required to be a Dungeon Monitor
If there is enough interest then I will move forward with planning this in the near future as a local workshop, which will be for a couple hours as opposed to the usual one hour work shop, demo or presentation.

Many group events both small and large are always in need of a DM’s for the various play spaces.
Since there is nothing of this nature currently in the Indiana area I would like to look at making this workshop more formal, structured and accepted by all of the local community groups. I would like to be able to provide a certificate at the end of the workshop that the local community will recognize. Then seek out individuals who have competed the work shop when in need of DM’s for various events.

This concept will take awhile to set up since I will need to talk with leaders from various local groups and make sure they are willing to support a workshop of this nature.

Overall DM’s are people who have been in the community for X amount of time and are deemed educated, experienced and comfortable enough to oversee multiple scenes at one time. You need to be comfortable working with anyone participating in a scene, Helping to ensure the scene come together as far as equipment needed, lighting and or other questions or issues the players might have.
A DM also has to be comfortable with watching for types of play that are not allowed as well as anything that could be dangerous. Many things that ARE allowed are dangerous so you need to be able to discern if the players in the scene are known to you as a DM are known to the community or if they talked with a DM before engaging in edge play. Sometimes watching the actions of others and or listening for safe words is a key component of being a DM.

Your DM’s also helps to ensure that the dungeon is maintained, clean and sanitary for the next person to play in.

We quietly provide water for the Dom/Domme or Top that might have forgotten to grab one. DM’s tend to communicate with hand signals a lot so that your not disrupting a particular scene.

We also need to be able to watch for signs that indicate dehydration, low blood sugar, bleeding, subspace, bottom drop and providing privacy for people while in the dungeon during play and aftercare.

A DM needs to be comfortable providing first aid, reacting to law enforcement being present on the grounds if and when that might happen. You need to watch for potential dangerous player, drugs and intoxication.

On a typical day or night of play none of the bad things listed above will happen. Still if and when any of the above situations occur a DM needs to be ready to react, knowledgeable and comfortable in responding.

I would also like to include a CPS certification as part of this workshop. That would require each individual interested to pay for the instructor to come out and teach CPR. I believe it is a minimum of $15.00 for certification of CPR. I tried to present a workshop just for CPR last year and did not have enough interest.

If I have enough people interested in a DM workshop I will provide that at no cost and the CPR instructor will allow people to stay during instruction at no cost. However if you want to become CPR certified there is a cost and a minimum number prepaid for them to come out. I will look up the details in the next few days and post them.

At this point I want to know who would or would not be interested in a DM workshop? Who would or would not be willing to pay the 15-20 for CPR certification if we have enough people interested? Also part of the CPR certification is blood born pathogens.

Please leave you feed back here. I am looking at hosting this the end of May or early June.