Queers Play Party at OhioSMART on Feb. 25

CLEVELAND — OhioSMART will host a Queers Play Party at their private play space on Feb. 25.

From the Facebook event:

It’s time again for another Sunday afternoon play party!

Join us 1.30-6.30 at the OhioSMART play space!

An OhioSMART board member will be on hand if you would like to become an OhioSMART member, but membership is not required to attend this party.

Frequently Asked Questions:

This is a queer party. What does that mean? Am I welcome? Is my partner welcome?
All lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, transgender, genderqueer (and gender-fluctuating/non-binary gender/bi-gender/etc) people are welcome, as are their partners. You’re also welcome if you’re in the midst of questioning your gender or orientation. Others: we love you and look forward to seeing you at a regular SMART party, but tonight, we’d like to have a brief time just for us.

What time is registration open?
Registration is open from 1.30-3.30. You will need your government issued photo ID if you are a guest or if you are buying/renewing a membership.

What are the party rules?

Check out OhioSMART’s website for our party rules, [here][https:www.ohiosmart.org]. Some key things to remember:

Attendees must be 21+.
Penetration is not allowed at OhioSMART parties where we take paying guests at the door, including this one. If you decide to join OhioSMART as a member, you can take advantage of relaxed rules at our free Members’ Only parties, hosted 4-6 times per year.

We observe a NO CELL PHONES policy at our events for everyone’s privacy. Please keep your phones put away in the social area and play space. Please respect each other’s boundaries, including pronouns and personal space. Ask first.