queer night at GD2 – planning meeting this Sunday!

CHICAGO РAnyone  who is interested in helping to plan a queer play party at GD2, please come to a planning meeting this Sunday, Jan. 27th at 8:30 pm at the club. This meeting will give us a chance to tour the facility, pick up slack (kidding), meet staff and share ideas about how to make the party hot, inclusive and a safer space. There will be NO PLAY at this meeting, there is no dress code and membership is not required.

We’re planning on hosting the party itself on Sunday, Feb. 17. It’s right after Valentine’s Day and Monday the 18th is a holiday for many folks, so we hope to see a great turnout! Spread the word!

Please see the event page here to RSVP and to contact GD for the address if you need it.


Excited to see you all and make this thing happen!

Galleria Domain 2 Chicago