QPEX March 2018 Social & Play Party

QUINCY — Fetish group QPEX will have their monthly play party on Sunday, March 11.

From the Fertlife event:

Please join us for a night of Food, Conversation, and Fun at the QPEX Monthly play party. We have a wonderful location in a old church building that was built in 1870. Must see to believe. Unfortunately, it costs too much to maintain the QPEX Church Building in the winter. So, during the cold months the Social/Play Parties will be in Quincy in our personal residence. 25-30 People is the Max! Please RSVP.

For the most part the Play Parties will always be on the 2nd Saturday of the month.

If you would like to attend please feel free to contact LeatherSwitch &/or Mistress_Jackie
The monthly QPEX Social and Play Party is a private event.

• $20 per person for Dinner and Play Party
• $10 per person for Play Party Only
• Admission is limited to the first 30 people.
• Please Contact us if admission after 10PM is needed

Gain admission by:
1. Having previously attending a QPEX event.
2. Communication with a group leader. (Presenting a copy of an email would be helpful.)
3. Being a guest of someone who is a QPEX member, Guests must accompany their host to the event.
4. 21 and over Please.

Dinner will start at 6:30
Play Party will start at 8:00

You can get the location after RSVPing directly with the hosts.