Editor’s Note: When Life Interrupts

All of you may have noticed a sudden drop in activity on this site. There’s a good reason for that. On June 17, my husband Jeff had a minor medullar stroke. He still has all his mental faculties and memories and can communicate just fine. However, he is unable to swallow and needs a walker to move around. And even then, how far he can go is limited. So, I’ve been a bit distracted.

Editor's NoteThat has also meant that the Den has dropped in priority. While I do have a wonderful bunch of writers here, I did a lot of posting on the site, from areas where we don’t already have someone or from Chicago, where I’m based. And given a choice between being with my husband and posting online, I’m gonna go with the husband.

But that means the Den will suffer. It also means that the fundraiser we were doing for a new camera is now off. It raised enough to get the old camera fixed. What other money, with the donors’ permission, will be going to pay expenses as we deal with the loss of income from Jeff no longer working and growing medical expenses. If any of our donors would like their money back, just let us know here.

And if the rest of you want the Den to continue as it was, then we need you step up. I will keep the Den up, but we need people to contribute from other areas now. And, for the first time, we need a Chicago reporter. And we could use a dedicated social media person who can post to our social media as stories are posted. If you are interested, then please contact me at editor@greatlakesden.net.

We’ll eventually get back to full steam ahead. Thank you for your patience and your support. Jeff and I have gotten a lot of good wishes and support from a lot of people. It does help. Thank you again for your support.

Ruff Wray is the publisher and founder of Great Lakes Den. He lives in Chicago with his husband Jeff. He can be contacted at editor@greatlakesden.net