Puppy Play 101 at LRA-Chicago, Feb. 7

LRA_Logo_frontCHICAGO – LRA-Chicago presents Puppy Play 101 w/ Pup Axel formerly known as Sarge the Pup

For the month of February LRA SEX will be hosting Puppy Play 101.

Have you ever been curious about pup play, kitty play, pony play, or what have you?

If you have ever been interested, either as a Top or a bottom, come join us for a discussion. To help learn a bit more about a cute display and unique dynamic, there will be a panel discussion open to questions, as well as some presentation and a bit of hands on demo for the class.

Mostly a basic 101 introduction, but can possibly cover more if time allows.

About the Presenter –

Some of you may know me as Sarge the Pup. I have been in the scene and lifestyle for about 10 years, still exploring and loving it. As a pup, I found myself almost 8 years ago, thanks to the help of a prior partner, with her and the help of friends along the way, I continue my passionate pursuit of animal role play in it’s many facets.

I have been involved with presentations and demonstrations of the topic for several years, looking to eventually author a book going a bit more into the spirituality, psyche, and yes some of the sexuality.

While I am very engrossed by this lifestyle choice, it is immersed in most ever aspect of my being, yet it is not all of me, because I enjoy a great many loves.

I have competed in event for title, and will be running for Illinois Pup in Illinois Leather Fetish Pride. Long travels down this road yet to be made. Thank you all for being a part of this journey.

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