Pup Invasion at Freedom Valley Campgrounds

036NEW LONDON, Ohio- May 16th-18th, The PAAC, A human pup group of Cleveland, Ohio, invaded Freedom Valley Campground, as they held a fundraiser Saturday night to raise money for their group, as well as the Dare2Care Organization, a local anti-bullying organization. While the weather was just a tiny bit trying, with light rain at times, and slightly chilly, everyone on the grounds managed to have an great time. Friday night, the grounds supplied shots for everyone.

The night of the event, they sold Paws N’ Claws t-shirts from this years CLAW, did a 50/50 raffle, and also did a dog pound. You could pay to lock up someone, then either they could pay to get out, wait the allotted time, before they were let out, or someone could pay to have them as their pup for an allotted time.

All in all, the campground was amazing. With things to do, at no extra cost, might I add, beautiful grounds and scenery, very affordable, and relaxing, I definitely recommend this to you. You can check out their website at www.freedomvalleycamping.com.