PROMO Launches Show-Me YOU, the Largest LGBT Needs Assessment Questionnaire in Missouri To Date

PROMOST. LOUIS — On Tuesday, PROMO launched Show-Me YOU an LGBT health and wellness questionnaire for LGBT Missourians, This will be the largest LGBT questionnaire distributed in Missouri, with the goal of 2,500 respondents.

Research shows that health disparities are a major concern for the LGBT community. The Show-Me YOU questionnaire will help advocates determine what changes in policy, education, and services need to happen in Missouri to ensure that LGBT Missourians receive nondiscriminatory, culturally competent and affirming care, therefore helping to eliminate these disparities.

For members of the LGBT community, perceived discrimination and actual discrimination affect both physical and mental health, how we interact with supportive systems, and our economic outlook and prospects.

What are the key areas of concern that must be addressed to decrease health disparities for LGBT Missourians?

  • How do LGBT Missourians perceive their actual health and mental health to be, and what are the perceptions of the health and mental health care systems in which they interact?
  • How do LGBT Missourians perceive their actual experiences with violence and harassment to be, and what are the perceptions of the regulatory (police, courts, and penile) systems in which they interact?
  • How do LGBT Missourians perceive their economic outlook to be, and what is their current household financial situation?
  • What is the current housing situation for LGBT Missourians, and what is their perceived housing security?
  • How often do LGBT Missourians go hungry and without enough food to eat?

“We are delighted to launch the Show Me YOU Questionnaire, the first ever LGBTQ Needs Assessment of its kind in Missouri. We already know that the LGBT community faces significant health disparities, and we know discrimination still exists in our workplaces and health systems,” Steph Perkins, Executive Director of PROMO said. “But with this questionnaire, we will learn even more about the specific needs of LGBTQ Missourians, helping us develop a long-term plan to address these disparities and discrimination in the most effective ways. We urge every LGBTQ individual and family to take this questionnaire and share it widely, and we thank our communities in advance for opening up about their experiences.”

Via press release