PROMO calls for gender identity inclusion for HB 2253

JEFFERSON CITY — PROMO, Missouri’s statewide LGBTQ rights organization, has called for gender identity to be added to a nondiscrimination bill.

PROMO said in a statement that HB 2253, filed by State Rep. Mike Stephens this past week does not include gender identity, unlike other versions of the Missouri Nondiscrimination Act that have been submitted in the state House and Senate. The Missouri Nondiscrimination Act would have protections for sexual orientation in employment, housing, and public accommodations.

The organization said inclusion of gender identity on the bill was non-negotiable.

“The LGBT community is one community, and we will not leave each other behind. Progress for some should not come at the expense of others,” said Steph Perkins, executive director of PROMO, in the statement. “While we appreciate Rep. Stephens’ concerns for part of our community, including both sexual orientation and gender identity together is a decision the community has the right to get to make, not Rep. Stephens. Removing gender identity has been proposed before in Missouri and at the federal level. Our community opposed it then, and our community opposes it now. We hope Rep. Stephens hears from the LGBT community that we must, and we will, move forward together.”

PROMO is asking Missourians to contact Stephens and request that gender identity to the bill. People can contact Stephens through the PROMO website at