Presentation & Demonstration Opportunity in Wausau

Robert Rubel

WAUSAU, Wisc. – I wanted to let everyone know of a wonderful opportunity to have a published author and nationwide presenter come to the Wausau area. Robert Rubel PhD (a.k.a. Dr_Bob) and his partner Jen (a.k.a. M_Jen), who is a presenter in her own right, are offering to do a presentation and demo on Friday, November 30th. There is no cost to attend. Here is the information and the events page to RSVP. We will have a social hour at 6pm before the presentation which will start at 7pm.

Sex and Sexuality

Foreplay as a Scene — Keeping New Relationship Energy Going

For some couples, sex has become ho-hum and the spark that brought you together has gone out; sex has become routine. It doesn’t have to be like that.

For many men, a sexual evening is about having sex; great for the guy but often less-than-spectacular for the Lady. This presentation/demo discusses mindset and intent as much as it discusses techniques. However — when we get to techniques it’s then about using or adapting a wide range of toys to build up skills that will leave the lady with dreamy memories. It will absolutely improve your relationship.

We’ll discuss/demonstrate techniques for fingering in general with an emphasis on “A-spot”, “G-spot”, “U-spot” and cervix play. We’ll demonstrate add-ons such as, dildos, eStim, vibrators and kitchen sinks (just checking to be sure you’re really reading this).

We’ll also describe ways to set up various physical/psychological conditions that start the sexual evening before you start the sexual evening (anchoring). The workshop/demo uses a live female model. Doors are locked once we’ve begun.

My Book Supporting this Presentation: Squirms, Screams, and Squirts: Handbook for Going from Great Sex into Extraordinary Sex. Las Vegas: Nazca Plains, 2007.

There is also a workbook that supports the book (2010).

Date & Time: Friday, November 30, 2012 · 6:00 PM –10:00 PM
Paradox Bar

932 S. 3rd Ave, Wausau, WI 54401 @ map

Cost: Free…buy your own appetizers & drinks
Dress code: Casual or fetish…choice is yours.

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Used with permission