Power eXchange Summit 2018 coming up in May

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Power eXchange Summit has launched ticket sales for their 2018 event.

Early bird tickets for PXS2018 are on sale now at http://www.powerexchangesummit.org/.

From a press release from Power eXchange:

Power eXchange Summit is a 3-day exploration and celebration of Power Exchange Relationships.  Dominant/submissive, Master/slave, Owner/property, 1950’s, Trainer/pet, Taken in Hand, Executive, Gorean, FemDom, Male-led, Sir/boy, High Protocol households, Primal/prey, there are too many variations to list , but ALL are welcome at PXS.

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or just dipping your oar in the sometimes mysterious waters of Power Exchange, no matter where you are on your journey, this is the safe harbor you’ve been seeking!

On our website ye’ll find classes, workshops, and social opportunities that embrace and affirm your relationships, give you food for thoughts, and can offer new perspectives on relationship models that may have seemed too complex or even taboo to contemplate.

In addition to world-class presenters with decades of combined experience, you’ll have  lots of opportunities to talk with others who have, are, or will experience similar success AND challenges along the way.  Scittlebutt says we’ll have the Science of BDSM crew on board for some glimpses into WIITWD!

Saturday night, woo the Lady of Luck in the PXS Casino and Gaming Parlour.  We’ll have games of skill, luck, and sheer silliness, too, including a Costume Contest!  This year’s theme?   PIRATES, ye lubbers!

And the BOOTY!!!  As always, we’ll have incredible vendors AND a Silent Auction, so be ready to score some amazing treasures!!