Submission policy

The Great Lakes Den has an open submissions policy. We welcome any news items, opinion pieces, and wedding and death announcements.

To submit an opinion piece, email your writing to with “Opinion piece for the Den” in the subject line. You will retain copyright of the piece after publishing.

To submit a news item or tip, email with “News for the Great Lakes Den” in the subject line. All news stories must be able to be confirmed and follow AP style. If you are only able to get anonymous sources, you must have a least three of them confirming the information or be able to confirm with someone willing to go on the record. Graphics are encouraged with any submission.

Death and wedding notices can be mailed with the subject lines “Death notice for Great Lakes Den” or “Wedding announcement for Great Lakes Den.” Please include any information that needs to be given to the public. Again, photos and graphics are encouraged.

Writing will only be edited for style, grammar or, when necessary, accuracy. Opinions will NOT be changed and are the opinions only of the author.