UPDATED: Possible Scam with FB LA&M Fundraiser

CHICAGO – The LA&M and Bear Man have said today that a Facebook page, “The Eric Lawrence Fundraiser for Leather Archives & Museum,” is a possible scam.

Bear Man, who wrote the obituary for Florida leatherman Eric Lawrence and is treasurer for the Leather Archives & Museum, has said that neither he nor the Archives have any knowledge any fundraising campaigns other than the LA&M’s current capital campaign. They are advising community members do NOT donate or like the page. The PayPal account listed on the page is not affiliated with the Archives.

UPDATE: The LA&M has posted this comment on their Facebook page:

We have been in contact with the individual who set up this fundraiser.  We are advising people to not donate to this particular fundraiser until the LA&M paypal account has been provided.

LAM Scam