Ponies needed for Pony Play Class Saturday, Aug. 24, at GLLA

INDIANAPOLIS – For this demo at GLLA, a Pony needs to be comfortable being without a Pony skin, being touched, intruded into cavities by me.

Please check out my profile and pics – this person will be intimately touching you.

I am also demonstrating reining in small spaces, so if you need to be covered and all tacked up to be a Pony, you can offer to be my demo Pony for that only.

Every pony is unique, Trainers, Handlers and Stewards cannot assume to handle every Pony the same, so if I can have more than one volunteer Pony, that would be perfect and fabulous.

If you are a Pony, can feel that spirit inside you but have no tack, yet, you are comfortable being a pony in only your skin, while I get to know you, wash you, caress you, explore your health as a Pony, this would be a KEEN opportunity.

Please trot up and whinny.  Nickers are fantastic too.  😉

Great Lakes Leather Alliance