Poker Tournament Fundraises for Marriage Equality


The winner’s trophy for the tournament. (Photo by Evangeline Raven)

CHICAGO – On Saturday, July 28, there was a Texas Hold ‘em Tournament benefiting Equality Illinois held at Touché on Clark St. in Chicago hosted by the Illinois Leather Master and slave title holders for 2012 Peter Raven and Evangeline Raven.

It started early, or at least early for the bar crowd, but did fairly well. There was a friendly tournament which lasted the full four hours and ended up with an all-in by the last two players at about midnight. And though it was a small group of players, most of the bar’s patrons were glad to by some raffle tickets to a 50/50 drawing which also had some other interesting prizes, such as a large blue water bottle in the shape of a cock.

Ms. Cherries Jubilee, Illinois Ms. Leather Pride 2012, was the dealer for much of the night and instituted a lap dance rule close to the beginning of the tournament, where as if a player went all in and won, they got to choose which other player or dealer they wanted a lap dance from. This of course lead to so very interesting play as well as some entertaining side benefits, as Peter Raven was requested to give one of the contestants a lap dance. Normally, this would not be such big news, but the fact that this was a first on a number of levels is what makes it interesting. Can you think of anywhere else you would find a straight man giving his first lap dance to a gay man? The event truly did help form the bonds of equality for that evening.

By the end of the evening, there was a trophy handed out with a $50 gift certificate to Leather 64 Ten for first place and for runner-up there was a $25 certificate from the Pleasure Chest. During the raffle there were tons of prizes, some novelty items as well as two certificates from Equality Illinois for two tickets each, one for the fall wine tasting event and the other for their New Year’s Eve bash. All in all, $160 was raised for Equality Illinois during the small but lively turn out for the event. Peter and Evangeline wanted to thank everyone who came out as well as those who contributed so kindly to the prizes. They also indicated they intend to make this a yearly event, hopefully drawing a bigger crowd next year and perhaps with some bigger prizes!