Playtime Explored: What Do You Mean Alpha Boy?

i hear a lot of boys calling themselves as an “alpha boy” and i am very torn by this statement. i want to take a look into this and tell you my opinion. This is my view on it and nothing more.

Playtime ExploredAs i read though profiles i see a lot of boys calling themselves this. My question is to them, How can you be an alpha boy and be in a D/s relationship? Shouldn’t the Dom be the alpha always? Am I reading too much into this? Are they just saying they would be the boy in charge over other boys? i think the only alpha in a D/s relationship is the Sir/Master.  There may be other boys in the D/s relationship but the Dom is always in charge. Are they saying that when the Dom is not around they are in charge? Shouldn’t the boys just conduct themselves as equals and make decisions together? i know a lot of you boys may be offended on this, but this is how i see things in a D/s. i guess you can say i am more “old guard” in this aspect.

i think where they are coming from is the new dynamic in the Leather community “puppies”. You always hear how there is an alpha dog in a pack. But how does this translate into a D/s relationship? That question goes though my head all the time.

At one time i did consider myself an alpha boy, but then seen post in a group about talking about this very subject and it made me think about what i was trying to say about myself. Do i have a dominate side, yes i do. Does that make me an alpha, well i say no. i am simply a boy that has somewhat of a dominate streak, just need a Sir with a strong hand. If i would enter a D/s dynamic, with other boys too, i would consider myself equal to them when i have earned my place.

I would like to get some more feedback on this subject from boys and Sirs/Masters. Please feel free to comment or you can email direct at

Paul Brown is International Leatherboy 2014. He writes about explorations in leather and fetish and lives in Louisville, Ky.