Playtime Explored: Life Is Not Edited

Last night i was asked by someone for my number, so i gave them my business card. My business card is my International Leather boy 2014 card and it has all my contact info on it. The guy asked me, is the Facebook page on here just for your Leather friends? My reply was no, it is the only one i have and i have everyone on here. The next question he asked, “Do you post leather pictures on there?” of course i said yes i do. “Is that not like being in your face to the people that are not into leather?” My reply was no it is not. This is my life and i want to show everyone out there that i may be a Leatherman but i am just like everyone else, i cry, bleed and have a life just like everyone else. As a representative of the community, i feel it is my duty to show everyone, Leather or non-leather that is okay to be who you are and you should not have to edit parts of your life just because you are afraid to offend someone.

Paul Brown is International Leatherboy 2014. He writes about explorations in leather and fetish and lives in Louisville, Ky.

Paul Brown is International Leatherboy 2014. He writes about explorations in leather and fetish and lives in Louisville, Ky.

i do not post things to make people to feel uncomfortable, i post things so people can see and learn. i have spent most of life editing my life and being a title holder or not, i will not edit my life any more. Because of this, i get a lot of questions asked and a lot of people send me emails thanking me for posting like i do.

Some of the questions i get are:

1) “Posting the pictures and what you are doing, is that not flaunting your lifestyle in everyones face?”

No it is not. It is just my life and like i have said, no editing. Now there may be some pictures i might limit who can see it, but for the most part, everyone gets see what is going on with me.

2) “You being into leather, well that is so kinky and sets a bad example for the gay community”

Again no it is not. This community is the best community that i could ever talk about and be in. How many people can say if they are going out of town and need a place to stay, to save some money, with no strings attached and can stay in any given town? We are a strong and caring community that has a heart of gold. If i am going out of town and need a place to stay, i just contact people that i know and see if they can help me find a place to stay and just like that, i have a place to stay.

3) “That lifestyle is just freaky and wired. You just want to beat each other and you call that fun?”

Yes and no on that. Yes people might find it freaky, yes some of U/us like to so called “beat each other” and yes it is fun. No not everyone is into the SM part of it but W/we all share a common bond. W/we are a community and most of U/us take care of each other at the drop of a hat. i could pick up the phone right now and ask people to come help for example, someone needs to move quickly and they dont have the money to move. In this community people would line up to help with trucks and body power. Also this has got to most giving and caring community for others. W/we do so many fundraisers for others. Not just for people of Leather but everyone. i myself can say i have raised over $5000 for charities. Which include Chemo Buddies, Relay for life, Habitat for humanity, the Humane society, Matthew 25 HIV/AIDS clinic and many others.

If Y/you have any questions or comments, please just ask or say! i am always here to answer what questions you have! i love all the comments too!

Being a service boy myself, i love to help out wherever i am needed and right now i am in service to community, well i am always in service to the community. Never be afraid to ask! i am not the perfect leather boy and yes i am still human and i do make mistakes. i learn from them and move on.

What i wear does not make me a “Leatherman” it is what is in my heart. When i go to work with my uniform on, i am still just as much a Leatherman.