Playtime Explored – Knifeplay

I define “knifeplay” as any kind of S/M play in which there is a knife present in the scene. This could as simple as carrying a knife on your belt and never using it, or as intense as scratching your partners skin with the tip of the blade. It can involve delicious threats, shredded clothing, or sensual massage.

Another face of knifeplay involves actually cutting into the skin, either for the experience or with the intention of leaving marks. Be sure you play with someone you know and trust.
Paul Brown is Indiana Leatherboy 2013. He writes about explorations in leather and fetish and lives in southwestern Indiana. His column runs monthly.

Paul Brown is Indiana Leatherboy 2013. He writes about explorations in leather and fetish and lives in southwestern Indiana. His column runs monthly.

Knifes are very dangerous. Whatever you use them for, the knives are designed for cutting. They are tools and weapons that are potentially lethal, and there is some risk involved whenever you bring them into your play. The risk can be minimized but never eliminated. In some scenes a dull knife can work just as well.

Kinfeplay can be safe. The idea of playing with knives may seem intimidating, but in fact, you probably handle knives several times a day, and aren’t afraid of them at all. You cut your meat, you slice vegetables, maybe you have a Swiss army knife in your pocket. It’s a tool that you use with complete confidence.

Many of us are aroused by specific fantasy images, and sharp objects are an integral part of some of those scenarios. You are not Zero! Cutting off men’s shirts and pants with the tip of your raper at a distance of six foot is probably outside your currant capabilities. If that’s the fantasy you want to enact, find a classical fencing school, practice for about five years, and then hope to meet a very nervy partner.

Power and control, from the top’s prospective, it’s a real power trip to force someone to stay still without having to physically restrain them. It’s the awesome power to inspire fear, exert please or pain and all compressed down to the point of the blade.

Here is a few pointers/rules to get you started. 1] Keep your knife closed or sheathed at all times unless it is actually in your hand. 2] Never throw a knife to any one. 3] Don’t use your knife as a substitue for another tool, in other words, don’t use it to pry open the bottle of lube, pick the lock on your cuffs or loosen a stuck knot. 4] Speaking of lube, make sure you can maintain a firm, safe grip. 5] Never attempt to catch a falling knife, if it on your partner, get them out of the way. 6] If you are going to cut with it, keep it sharp. A sharp knife offers more control. 7] Do not use a knife in active resistance scenes. 8] Knives make a lousy surprise. 9]Don’t combine knifeplay with a test of balance 10] Never forget that you are handling a potentially dangerous weapon.

I hope that all of you read more about this subject, before you jump into a scene. I have just covered the basics. You can find more information on this subject online. I do not know of any sites to tell you, but I am sure there is a lot out there. “If you can not find a companion equal to or better than yourself-journey alone, do not travel with a fool.”