Playing without a Script w/ LucyTheSlut, Sat., May 10 at GD2

GD2 LogoCHICAGO – For May’s class, we are excited to bring you a presenter who has never given a discussion at GD2 before! LucyTheSlut will be joining us from Ohio to teach you tips and tricks for improvising your play!

We all know that negotiation is a vital first step when engaging in play, but we don’t always agree about the extent of negotiation necessary. Some of us like to play without a script. That is, sometimes we don’t always want to know what comes next, or how the scene will end. We like to ride the waves with the briefest of outlines of boundaries and expectations, letting the energy and our partners take us where they will. This class is for Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK) players who like their BDSM a bit more free form and unscripted. It will discuss the basic principles of improvisation from a theatrical and musical perspective and how to apply those principles to consensual BDSM play.

About LucyTheSlut

Lucy the Slut is a sadomasochistic cunt with a hard on for service, sadism, and theatricality. She comes to this BDSM wonderland with over 20 years’ experience both on stage and in technical theater. She also brings nearly a decade of experience as a licensed mental health professional. She loves rope, pain, and destroying beautiful things just so she can put them back together. First and foremost in this lifestyle, she is the slave of The Monkey King. Secondary to that, she is the owner of the group Fat Bottom Girls: Queen Size Rope Sluts, and is on staff for both the Guilty Pleasures Stage Show and The Monkey Puzzle Club, out of Columbus, OH.


Playing without a Script

Presented by LucyTheSlut

Saturday, May 10
6:00 p.m. – 7:45 p.m.

Galleria Domain Two ( GD2 )
Chicago, Illinois

RSVP preferred but not required
Open to All 18+ w/ID


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