Peoria Munch does food play, Feb. 10

PEORIA — The Peoria Munch is doing food play for February’s education on Feb. 10.

From the Fetlife post:

Peoria is having a Food Play Demo given by the lovely Shwilla!!

What’s Food Play!!?? You’ve gotta come to find out!

The demo will cover setting up the scene, types of foods to avoid as well as indulge, food safety, clean up, equipment and tools, and various ways to explore food play from simple to extravagant. We will also learn about the world of Vore, and Splooshing and how that relates to food play. There will also be a chance to experience food play for yourself. So, join us as we “dig in” and explore the wonderful world of food play.

Event link is here:

It will be a potluck Munch, with a caveat. If you intend to demo with food items please consider something you’d bring and a little extra. Since this is also a demo Munch, I’m strongly suggesting that people give a donation to assist in funding our next demo Munch. Full disclosure: Last time we raised $26 dollars, which is a little over a 1/3 if the room cost.

Please contact atomic_curves to RSVP. You will get the details to the Munch location at that time.

Please head to the Peoria D/S Fetlife group to jot down what you’re bringing.