Pardon Our Dust – Making Changes

CHICAGO – As you’ve already noticed, we are making a few changes to the Great Lakes Den. Here’s the round up of what we’re doing.

First, we’re doing a redesign of the site itself. We’re going to try to keep our advertising on one side of the page and keep the news to the other and have a clear division of ads and content. The redesign will also allow us to squeeze a couple more ad spaces onto the page so feel free to take advantage.

Second, we’re changing our publication schedule. We are shifting to semi-weekly. We will publish new stories twice a week: Monday and Thursday. We are going to run ourselves like the newspaper we are. Deadlines for stories will be two days before each publication date. So if you have something that has to be in the Thursday edition, then get it to us by Tuesday.

That also means we will be changing the publication schedule of our email newsletter. Instead of weekly on Friday evenings, they will come out each Monday and Thursday evening to allow people to plan their weekend.

We are also working on creating partnerships with local sites and writers to better report on what’s going on. Hopefully this will mean better coverage of area events.

Please bear with us as we update the look of the Den and adjust things around. But we are looking forward to more effectively reporting on the Great Lakes Community.