Pantheon of Leather 2015 Nominations Open

Pantheon of LeatherLOS ANGELES – Nominations for the Pantheon of Leather Awards 2015 are now open.

The recipients of the Pantheon of Leather Awards 2015 Awards will be honored during the 25th Anniversary of Pantheon of Leather at the Ramada Plaza Capital Park Downtown Atlanta in Atlanta, GA on Friday night, October 16 as part of DomCon: Atlanta.

The Leather Journal first began naming honorees in its January 1988 Issue. The first Pantheon of Leather Awards when others made the decision on who the award recipients would be with more categories added was in Hollywood, CA in January 1991.

To nominate for 2015, go to The Leather Journal.

Selection Panel

The Selection Panel which will decide who the recipients will be in 26 categories is comprised of individuals who received honors in 2014 and who accepted the opportunity to serve when asked.

The Selection Panel, preceded by their 2014 Award includes: Man of the Year Jaco Lourens, Woman of the Year Pat Baillie, Mister Marcus Hernandez Lifetime Achievement Award (Man) Jack Fritscher, PhD, Mister Marcus Hernandez Lifetime Achievement Award (Woman) Caron Ryer, Couple of the Year McG and boy digger, Canadian Award Michael Tattersall, Florida Regional Award Jack Garcia, Great Lakes Regional Award Calvin Pohler, Mid Atlantic Regional Award Patrick Grady, Midwest Regional Award Jeremy Morris, New England Regional Award Steve Dupont, Northeast Regional Award Rod McCoy (aka Onyx Rod), Northern California Regional Award Thib Guicherd-Callin, Northwest Regional Award Sarha Shaubach, South Central Regional Award Hector Vallejo, Southeast Regional Award Gabriel Majors, Southern California Regional Award Alan Stroik, Community Choice Man Award Bob Miller, Community Choice Woman Award Boi Blu, President’s Award Frazier Botsford, President’s Award Pug, President’s Award Master SGT Heinz and mstrsgtspvt judy, and President’s Award Aaron Duke.

There are three award selection categories in the Pantheon of Leather Awards system: Awards decided upon public nomination
and voted upon by a Selection Panel of previous year’s recipients, Community Choice Awards decided solely by
popular write-in vote, and President’s Awards selected by Pantheon of Leather founder Dave Rhodes. This three-tier system creates a checks-and-balance in the award selection process.

Nominations and Balloting Schedule

March 25 – Nominations begin on The All nominations must be submitted electronically; none will be accepted by other means.

May 25 – Deadline for Nominations to be submitted by the community.

June 15 – The Nominations Committee will have prepared Nominee Finalists in each Award Category and Nominee Finalists will be notified. Each nominee finalist will be given the opportunity to submit a biography suitable to them and that will be checked for accuracy before being submitted to the Selection Panel for voting.

July 1 – Nominee Finalists will be announced in The Leather Journal, under Pantheon, and distributed to other media outlets.

July 14-27 – Selection Panel will vote on all Award Nominees.

September 1 – Recipients the Awards will be named in The Leather Journal, under Pantheon, and distributed to other media outlets and these winners will be notified individually.

September 20 – Awards will be ordered from the manufacturer.

October 16- All Pantheon of Leather Community Service Awards will be presented in Atlanta, GA.

Go to the menu bar at the top of the page and click on Pantheon. The scroll will include Selection Process, Make Nominations and Past Winners. Click on Selection Process to find out the rules and who is eligible. This is important because award recipients in 2013 and 2014 are not eligible this year. To make your nominations click on the Make Nominations button.

Remember, if you think someone should be nominated and think that someone else might have nominated them because they are so obvious as nominees, nominate them anyway. Every year such names miss the list and this is the biggest reason why. Thank you for your participation.

Your decision to nominate is the first step for those will be honored at Pantheon of Leather 2015.