Pantheon of Leather nominees announced

Pantheon of LeatherLOS ANGELES — The Leather Journal announced the nominees of this year’s Pantheon of Leather nominees over the Fourth of July holiday weekend. As in past years, the Great Lakes and Midwest are well represented.

With Man of the Year, the region has Tim Hotchkins and Steve Patton, both of Minnesota, and John Schmitt of Indiana. For Woman of the Year, Christina Court of Chicago was nominated. Christina was also nominated for the Great Lakes Regional award. Catherine Gross and David Boyer were both nominated for the Mr. Marcus Hernandez Lifetime Acheivement Award.

The Titans of the Midwest have been nominated for the Large Club of the Year award while the Chicago Puppy Patrol and Rangers, Inc. of Ohio were both nominated for Small Club of the Year.

Mr. Michigan Leather Weekend has been nominated for Small Event of the Year and Twin Cities Leather & Latte of Minneapolis is up for Business of the Year.

For Couple of the Year, Chuck Braidwood and Brian Mailey are joined by Papa Woof Roth and Puppy Boo Carner.

For the Great Lakes Regional Award, the nominees are:

Rick Cordaro
Christina K. Court
Bryon Hayes
Mystryss Lily
Boy robi
John Schmitt
Tom Wray

For the Midwest Regional Award, the nominees are:

Andrew Bertke
Ryan Brown
Puppy Boo Carner
Lyon Mercaeant
Papa Woof Roth

The Leather Journal said that the selection panel consisted of Eric Paul Leue, Patty, Mufasa Ali, Leslie J. Anderson, Joyce Berger, Herman Groenewald, Leo Iriarte and Esteban Bartolo, Master Michael and slave angie, Tyesha Best, Jeff Gruenberger, Todd White, Janet Ryan, Daddy Ray Tilton, Brent Heinze, Tony Mayes, Russ Mortenson Boyd, Jack Pearce, Bob “Bulldog” Rothwell, and Daddy Al Santora.

The Awards will be given out on Sept. 1 at the Internaional LeatherSir/Leatherboy Weekend in Dallas.