Panelists for 2017-2019 Leathertarian Awards announced

ATLANTA — On June 30, 2016, the 2014-2016 original TLA Panelists proudly nominated and selected their successors, who will determine the winners of the 2017-2019 Leathertarian Awards. The new Panelists are:

Sir TOBIN BRITTON, of Portland, OR
DOC DUHON, of Palm Springs, CA
JEFF HAMILTON (aka Gator), of Kansas City, MO
Sir JEFF TUCKER, of Bloomfield, NJ
CHIP WARE (aka Pup Rok), of Houston, TX

Pursuant to the guidelines set forth by the 2014-2016 Panelists, one Panelist from the previous term will remain on the panel for a period of one year as a non-voting, non-influencing mentor to the new Panelists. With great appreciation, the 2014-2016 Panel recognizes CES WILLIAMS of Houston, TX for volunteering to fill this role.

The general guidelines for Panelists are located on our website at

“The Leathertarian Award is presented annually on the 21st of June to those who have long standing performance of good work and service in the Leather/Fetish Communities.” For more information about The Leathertarian Award, please write to or visit the website at

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