Pain Processing w/ Bendyogagirl, Saturday, March 10

Pain Processing
Presented by Bendyogagirl
Saturday, March 10, 2012
6:00 p.m. – 7:45 p.m.
Galleria Domain Two ( GD2 )
Chicago, Illinois
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Open to All 18+ w/ID
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Pain Processing

Are you a masochist? A sadist? Are you curious about experiencing pain in a scene or wondering how your body and main process pain? GD2 is excited to host nationally known educator Bendyogagirl her insightful lecture titled Pain Processing.

When the body/mind receives data that there is an unpleasant sensation physically or emotionally , it can send a signal of pain. Pain can be physical (burning your hand), it can be emotional (breaking up with someone), and it can be both (stabbing pain in the stomach every time you get near a TENS unit). This class will explore the physiology and psychology of pain, and what you can do to process it before, during and after a scene. Tops – if you think this has nothing to do with you, you are mistaken. We all experience pain, it has ample opportunity to arise in WIITWD, and this is your opportunity to learn some ways to process it.

About Bendyogagirl

Bendyogagirl has been teaching and training groups and individuals for almost 30 years. She has extensive experience with body/mind disciplines including several forms of meditation and yoga, as well as cognitive therapeutic techniques, all of which she has studied for decades.

She created the first internal training program for the search engine that rhymes with Taboo! and has worked professionally as an instructional designer, Sexpert, Goddess of Ontology, teacher, trainer, business process engineer, information architect, visual artist, writer, dancer, singer and musician.
Bendy is committed to serving community and creating spaces in which people may learn and grow. Her teaching style is humorous, informative and interactive. Just like she.

Bendy has been actively exploring D/s and authority exchange for over 25 years, and she has a long history with BDSM. While her proclivities tend towards authority exchange and spiritual awakening through kink over all else, she is a lover of rope, deep impact, sensation, takedowns, and having fun!
Currently based in Boston, Bendyogagirl co-founded MAsTMass, runs The Submissives’ Round Table, is the Speaker Liaison for NELA’s programming team, volunteers with the NCSF, and is an activist for personal freedom.

Bendy presents on a wide variety of topics, including bottoming, communication/negotiation, yoga and meditation for kinksters, body language, and energy play. She often presents with her Partner, Lord Percival.. particularly when the subject requires points of view from both sides of a coin.

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