Our History in the D

A people without the knowledge of their past history,origin and culture is like a tree without roots
~Marcus Garvey~

DETROIT — The Olympus Theater is extremely proud to present “Our history in the D” an oral retelling of Detroit’s thriving gay bar scene spanning the 1960’s, 70s & 80s featuring a panel discussion with your moderator gay historian Dr. Tim Retzloff with his Michigan State University class in attendance featuring a lively and open panel discussion.

We are very honored to have as our featured guest panelists:

  • Ms Mary Sappington (Mary Metra)
  • The Lady T Tempest
  • DJ Stacey “Hottwax” Hale
  • Palmer Park historian Doug Haller
  • Mike Weise
  • Torchy

They will all be in rare form as these legendary community personalities give their spirited recollections that paved the way to today’s liberties and equalities. This is a humorous heartbreaking and fond look back at how we got here, this place! Hear our gay bar stories from the D, by the people that helped shape the era. Don’t miss an opportunity to come face-to-face with your history !!

We are also very excited to present a selection of gay bar memorabilia on display and we encourage others to either donate/lend to this event. Artifacts from the past representing Detroit gay bar history, all donated items will become part of the Detroit Gay Bar Preservation Project with our deep gratitude!

Menjos Martini Madness 5 PM
Olympus opens doors 6:30 PM
Panel discussion 7 PM
Bar stories & cocktails 9pm

Stand witness to our history LIVE!!!