The orange one is coming to Springfield, Mo.

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — Heads up, Missouri. Trump is coming to Springfield next week, according to the Springfield News-Leader.

From the News-Leader:

President Donald Trump is coming to Springfield on Wednesday to talk about a proposal to revamp U.S. tax policy.

A White House official confirmed the visit to the News-Leader. The trip was first reported by Bloomberg.

Bloomberg reported that Trump “is not expected to set forth his own plan or many specifics” and instead “sees his role as leading a public campaign to rally support.”

Some themes may include tax cuts for the middle class, a simpler tax code and changes to help businesses, Bloomberg reported.

Two local Republicans, who would not comment on the record Thursday afternoon, also told the News-Leader they were aware the trip was a possibility, though they did not want to speak until details were finalized.

The state GOP leadership told the newspaper they were happy he was coming and the state’s Democratic U.S. Senator, Claire McCaskill said she welcomed the orange one coming to Missouri. He is supposed to be talking about changing U.S. tax policy during his visit.

“”This is an area on which I’m optimistic President Trump and I will find common ground,” McCaskill said in a statement to the News-Leader. “I’ve talked in a lot of my own town halls about my support for simplifying the tax code by cleaning out loopholes and goodies for special interests, and lowering the corporate tax rate — as long as we’re doing it all through the lens of strengthening Missouri’s working families.”