ONYX Mid-Atlantic wants you in submission…

By Theo Storm
Men of ONYX

WASHINGTON – That’s right!! We want you to to join the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of ONYX.

ONYX is an organization formed and operated by Men of Color who enjoy the leather lifestyle. ONYX sets as its’ goal, to provide an informational and social organization to address issues specific to people of color who chose to project the positive aspects of the leather lifestyle and support our community and economic initiatives.

Support, spirituality, safety and saneness are keys to attaining our goals. Toward this end, it is the principle aim of ONYX to develop in its’ members the highest standards of loyalty to the laws and established code of ONYX and to treat all in society with¬†honor, unselfishness and tolerance.It is the responsibility of each member to uphold the traditions,standards and practices of this organization as
well as the time honored principles of democracy on which this country was built. It is the fundamental belief of this organization that no finer means is offered for the achievement of these aims than the brotherly association of persons with similar tastes, inclinations and goals.

The Mid-Atlantic Chapter is centered in the Washington DC/Baltimore area and includes all of
Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.

There are two classes of membership: Brother (A Gay or Bi-Sexual Man of Color who wishes to join the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of ONYX through the Pledging Process; a Brother has full chapter voting rights and privileges) and Associate (A Man, Woman, or Other who wishes to affiliate with ONYX, an interview may be required, depending on your previous experience in the leather community).

ONYX Mid-Atlantic (ONYXMA) is currently beginning its intake process for new brothers and associates. Beyond contacting me or other brothers via email, you should come out to some of our events to meet the brothers and vice versa. Our next events will be a BBQ at the DC Eagle on Sunday, August 28, from 5-8pm, and a Bar Night at the Baltimore Eagle on Saturday, September 3rd from 10pm-2am . We are also having a more private BBQ for ONYXMA friends and family at a Brother’s house in Stafford, VA on September 10 from 3-6pm (by invitation only). Following that BBQ, we will be carpooling to Kings Dominion for their annual Gay and Lesbian Night.

If you are interesting becoming either a Brother or an Associate, the first step is to complete the online application located at this link
—> http://onyxma.tumblr.com/post/9007700819/onyx-mid-atlantic-membership-application. You will be contacted once your application is received.

Perhaps you are not ready for either class of membership and just want to keep in touch with us and our events, which is perfectly fine. There are a variety of ways to do so…

Web: www.onyxmidatlantic.com
Email: info@onyxmidatlantic.com
Twitter: @onyxma
Tumblr: ONYXMA.tumblr.com
Facebook:Onyx Mid Atlantic and ONYX the Brotherhood
Yahoo: groups.yahoo.com/group/dconyx/
Feel free to ask any questions you like. Curiosity is a virtue among leathermen, experienced and budding alike. I look forward to hearing back from you.