One Iowa testimony cut from official voter ID bill public hearing video record

DES MOINES — On Friday, March 20, Bleeding Heartland released an article revealing that the testimony of 16 people was omitted from the official video record of an Iowa House public hearing on HF 516, a bill that would enact new voter ID and signature verification requirements. One Iowa Executive Director Daniel Hoffman-Zinnel was one of the speakers cut from the video. In his testimony, he detailed how this bill would disenfranchise transgender voters who often lack identification documents that match their identity.

Hoffman-Zinnel issued a statement on the edited public hearing video:

“Public hearings offer not only a chance for legislators to hear arguments for and against proposed bills, but a chance for the general public to hear those arguments as well,” Hoffman-Zinnel said. “By removing testimony from the official video record, the Iowa House has denied constituents who were unable to attend the public hearing that chance.

“Further, by cutting testimony that addressed the concerns of transgender Iowans, the Iowa House has silenced a marginalized community that the public often doesn’t hear from. We ask the Iowa House to post the full, unedited video record and give Iowans access to all viewpoints for and against HF 516.”

via press release