OhioSMART Volunteer opportunities

CLEVELAND — This list will be a fluid place for the OhioSMART Board & membership to note the myriad ways members can be of service to the community & organization.

  • PSM Shifts at regular and special events
  • Potluck contributions
  • Soda/water/juice box donations
  • Door shifts
  • Special skills assistance (web team, legal review, accounting, etc)
  • Tours for newcomers
  • SMART Beginnings classes/facilitations
  • Newcomers Orientation at 3rd Saturday
  • Set up and/or tear down at all onsite events
  • Slosh planning
  • OutSMART planning
  • Special Interest Group assistance/planning (see also SIG leaders for more info on the assistance they may need)

Have an idea for a way to help out? Great! Send your action plan to the OhioSMART Board either by pm here on fet, or to info@ohiosmart.org. We always welcome your constructive input!

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