OhioSMART Sunday School: Needle Intensive with Hook Suspension, Sept. 10

CLEVELAND — Pierce the veil of learning with The_Carnie, for this unique needle intensive, including hook suspensions!

Sunday School Intensive Series

When: Sunday, September 10, 2017
Where: OhioSMART’s usual play space
Time: 12pm to 6pm— Please be prompt, so that you can maximize your time in the intensive.

Needle Play: 101 to Hook Suspension

Tom Hill will be taking us from needle basics, with focus on safety and best practices, and will end the afternoon with hook suspension demos. If you are interested in experiencing the hook suspension for yourself, you WILL need to preregister for it here on Eventbrite. Hook suspensions must be purchased in conjunction with the intensive ticket.

Ticket Pricing Breakdown:

Intensive Admission: $40 members / $60 guests

Complete Needle Kit (prepay and pickup on site): $75

Add on: Hook pulls or hook suspensions- $50-150, depending on option selected. More details on the specific options is below. Event admission is required for every attendee, but the cost of the pulls/suspensions/needle kits will go to our amazing presenter, Tom Hill.

Class/Lecture topics –

Safety & How to Engage in Play Piercing.

Play piercing is done for the purpose of enjoyment (or pain) rather than permanent body decoration. It can be a form of self-expression, ritual, selfdiscovery, sexual pleasure, and entertainment. The endorphin high from play piercing can create a variety of sensations. This class will demonstrate safe practices and techniques for those interested in exploring this kind of play. You will be coached on the connections that can be established between the piercer and pierced. We will also discuss the more extreme form of piercings specifically pertaining to Energy Pulls and Flesh Hook Suspension. This class is part lecture and part hands-on.

Imagery & Design with Needles.

Want to use the body as a canvas not just a pin cushion? Learn how to create your own patterns and how to execute those patterns on the body. Focus is on maintaining consistency and keeping a safe, clean environment for longer sessions.

The Intrigue of Hook Suspension.

What is hook suspension all about? Discover the personal expansion and energy exchange that can be obtained through flesh hook suspension. The class overviews how to prepare yourself and what to expect from flying in hooks. Workshop with a demonstration. Never Tear. Setting Proper Tension for Hook Suspension. Learn how to rig and set mention dynamically between hooks. Utilizing a running cord, this class demonstrates the finesse and benefits on fluid rigging.

Human Body Suspension / Energy Pulls –

See, live and in person, the amazing feats of the human body. Watch as Tom Hill’s team float through the air

as they hang by their skin. Sure to shock an amaze. We have equipment to perform tandem suspensions and can provide our own rig or other rigging options depending on space available.

Explore your Own Curiosity of Flesh Hook Suspension

Come join Tom Hill & Team for flesh hook suspension experience. The act of suspension is hanging the body from hooks pierced through the flesh in various places around the body.

Want to Suspend?

There are many different reasons to suspend. The reasons extend from wanting a pure adrenaline or endorphin rush, to conquering ones fears, to trying to reach a new level of spiritual consciousness. People suspend to

attain some sort of experience: a deeper sense of themselves, a spiritual encounter, or a letting go not being complete inside their body. Some are looking to take control over their bodies, or are seeking to prove to

themselves that they can live beyond the physical, perhaps disconnect from their bodies completely. Finally, some simply seek to explore the unknown. What is your reason to experience suspension? Explore in a safe space that allows you to seek the experience you are looking for.


**$50 Energy Pull– (Includes the experience of doing a pull with 2 hooks against a stationary object or with another person on the other end, like a tug of war)

**$100 Energy Pull Choice Experience (Includes the experience of doing a pull with 2 hooks against a stationary object or with another person on the other end, like tug of war, plus a Swag Bag– T-Shirt with carnival prizes, Aftercare kit, and the gift of the 1st hook that was inserted into the person to keep).

**$100 Hook Suspension– (Includes the experience of doing a hook suspension).

**$150 Hook Suspension Choice Experience (Includes the experience of doing a hook suspension. The Swag Bag includes a T-Shirt with carnival prizes, Aftercare kit, and the gift of the 1st hook that was inserted into the person to keep).

If you don’t yet have a needle kit, we will have COMPLETE sets available for presale– before tickets even go on sale!

Take Home Needle Play Starter Kit. $75


  • 1 box of 100 gloves (choose size),
  • 1 bottle of witch hazel,
  • 25 sterile 4”X4” gauze,
  • 1 24 oz medical surface disinfectant spray,
  • 1 Quart sharps container,
  • 20 Face Masks,
  • 1 250ml washer bottle,
  • 15 mini surgical markers,
  • stainless medical tray,
  • 20 dental bibs,
  • 50 play piercing needles,
  • 1 8oz bottle of green soap

booklet on Safety & How to Engage in Play Piercing.

The_Carnie’s fet profile can be viewed here: https://fetlife.com/users/284969

For more info, check out the OhioSMART group and related threads on Fetlife!


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?
Yes– attendees must be 19+, and you MUST bring your valid government issued ID.

What’s the refund policy?
No refunds after September 1st.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?
Nope– registration will have record of your ticket.

Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn’t match the person who attends?
Unfortunately, no– each attendee MUST have a ticket registered in their own name.

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1521690767887759/