OhioSMART Sunday School: Flogging Intensive, Jan. 21

CLEVELAND — OhioSMART is hosting another Sunday School class. The topic this month is Flogging taught by Arcane.

From their Facebook event:

Whether you are experienced or brand flogging new, this intensive is for you.
We will start with the basics, and then start putting things into action. Arcane believes that understanding how a tool is meant to be used will make you more effective at wielding it. So this intensive will begin with an overview of the fundamentals, followed by a short structured practice session.

After a short break it will be time to learn the art of Florentine Flogging. ‘Florentine” or ‘Double” Flogging as it is commonly called, is the art of using two floggers at the same time, one in either hand. In this course we will learn two different patterns of varying complexity. This is a very hands on section of the afternoon, filled with a lot of practice. After which we will take another short break

Then it’s off to the tender bits! Thats right, cocks, balls, pussies and boobs! We will discuss safety, where to flog, where not to flog, how not to flog and basically how to beat your bottoms… front bottom? Being an equal opportunity perv, arcane will discuss the naughty bits and how to excite (or abuse) them safely!

* must be 19+ to register
* valid government-issued photo ID required for check-in
* ticket sales begin IN PERSON November 18 at Fetish Flea Market, or online November 20